I did promise to write my birth story and I really wanted to get it down before it got lost to post birth exhaustion…..
Glad I made notes because, honestly, it is a blur.

It started Thursday 24th September with a visit to the midwife. Technically my due date, I was very fed up. So fed up I considered having a sweep.
2 hours after I should have been seen (!!!!) I was called in. Urine check, blood pressure check, bump poked and measured. Now all the way through I was measuring big, to the point I was a bit scared how big this baby was going to be. Not the case this time. I was measuring 2 weeks behind! The midwife joked my dates were possibly out or he was close to the exit and too low to measure correctly. Little did we know how close….

My wonderful mum arrived after lunch to pick up my big girl for her mini break. Due to how tired and fed up I was we had decided between us it would be more fun to have a weekend with nana. She could go and have fun and hopefully I would have this baby. I needed to have this baby.

We walked to pick her up from nursery, super uncomfortable though I was, I wanted to walk to encourage things along. On the way back I had to stop a few times for labour like pains. Strong but nothing special, not long enough to be an actual contraction but sharp enough to stop me in my tracks.
These pains continued all night… Not regular and not really increasing in intensity. So annoying! I felt like my body was having a laugh at my expense. This is when I started getting overly emotional and, I admit, a bit of a nightmare. I wanted to be in labour so badly I had one hell of a strop at my husband and put myself to bed.

I woke early Friday morning. I waited. Nope. No pains. GUTTED. At the time I thought it was the disappointment, I was very teary and emotional. I begged Matt not to go to work, I really didn’t want to be on my own. He agreed to finish at lunchtime as a compromise. I wasn’t happy but I agreed. I kissed him goodbye and sat down to watch TV with a cup of tea.

Mid morning I decided to call and see how my big girl was getting on with her nana. No worries there, too busy to come to the phone! Far too much fun was being had. I moaned a bit to my mum, decided this baby was never coming out and had a bit of a cry. She did her best to tell me to get a grip in the most caring way she could. I was quite frankly being utterly pathetic. Then just as I was saying goodbye I froze. That hurt! *shit* now that was a contraction….

It wasn’t like the pains of the day before. It definitely wasn’t a measly braxton. It wrapped around my bump and like a warm heat it intensified, and then, as quickly as it came, it eased off. I told myself this wasn’t anything to get excited about but my head told me to eat and have a drink. If it was anything like birth no. 1 I was going to be at this a while. I hadn’t even got downstairs when the next one kicked in. I was purposely trying not to time how far apart the pains were coming incase it was irregular. I was uncomfortable, really uncomfortable. I decided to go for a shower and hoped Matt would be back from work like he promised by the time I got out. The shower helped but I did notice things getting more painful. Matt got back and didn’t even ask how I was, he called the maternity unit. I got dressed into something comfy and sorted my hair. The contractions were strong enough to stop me and make me breathe through them. At this point I figured we had hours but both the midwife and Matt were keen to get me booked in. It was a beautifully sunny day, I wanted to enjoy it! An hour later (1pm) I decided I was uncomfortable enough to put my tens machine on. I knew from last time it needed to go on before things got too intense. Everything started getting quite painful so we decided to get moving.
It is a 20 minute drive to the maternity unit. But it took us 50…. Yep of all days for us to take a wrong turn! If it wasn’t for the tens machine I wouldn’t have found it funny.

We got in, booked in, heart rate checked. I bounced on the ball.
I turned the tens machine up.
Turned the tens machine up.
The midwife joked the pool wouldn’t be full in time….


After that things moved quickly and I got in the pool as soon as it was deep enough. I tried to focus on the clock, I told myself I wanted to be out with my baby in time for supper. Everyone laughed that my mind was on food but also agreed it wouldn’t be long. Things got intense, I had a bit of a panic and asked for the gas. He was coming. The pain was intense and it felt so different to last time, I was going to need to put a bit of work into pushing this time.
I don’t remember exactly but from that point to meeting him felt like seconds and an age all at once. He came in one big whoosh, waters in tact, wrapped in his cord.
I went to pick him up as the midwife helped literally pop him out of his sack. He didn’t cry he just looked at me. I looked at him. We had done it.


It was everything I wanted it to be. We were together, we were both ok. He was ok. I had done it. To be honest I felt bloody amazing! Not only had I done it on my own, I felt I could do it again!

Next came the best cuddles followed by the best tea and toast.


Tobin Rex Gamble-Griggs is here and he is perfect.

A friend recently shared her birth story a cesarean that is equally as empowering. It doesn’t matter how they get here. Healthy happy babies in the arms of their mothers. *warning* adorable pictures included.

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